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I have a user registration form , in this form i am taking entry for name, email and password from user. I have buttons save and reset password. save button save data in database. now in reset password button I have to reset the password and lock the user. How can I do it. previously with this email and password user can entry in the system now after resetting password I have to lock this user. How, please suggest.

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best way to lock the user from database fileds what @BalusC has told. and if youare looking how stackoverflow.com/questions/1471654/reversing-an-md5-hash/… –  Rafee Oct 21 '12 at 18:27

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Add a column active to the DB which you set with a boolean or bit value, e.g. 0 or 1. If the user has registered and activated the account, set it to 1. If you want to lock the user, set it to 0.

On every incoming request with a logged-in user, you just check the active column associated with the ID of the logged-in user. If it's 0, then invalidate the session and redirect to the activation form.

Note: you normally use a servlet or, in this case better, a filter for this, not JSP/JSTL.

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