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I want to create an unsigned char array in objective c from the values of another nsmutablearray, Please help me

unsigned char buffer2[24];
        buffer2[0] = 0X55; buffer2[1]=0x66; buffer2[2]=0x77; buffer2[3]=0x88; buffer2[4]=0x44;//print command
        buffer2[5] = 0X1D; buffer2[6]=0x6B; buffer2[7]=02; buffer2[8]=0x0D; 
        buffer2[9] = 0X35; buffer2[10]=0x30; buffer2[11]=0x30; buffer2[12]=0x30; buffer2[13]=0x33;
        buffer2[14] = 0X35; buffer2[15]=0x37; buffer2[16]=0x37; buffer2[17]=0x30; buffer2[18]=0x33;
        buffer2[19] = 0X30; buffer2[20]=0x31; buffer2[21]=0x38; buffer2[22]=0x37; buffer2[23]=0x30;

I want to pass values of this array dynamically.

Thanks in advance. Shivam

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If the answer provided by @Nekto is not what you want please make your question clearer. –  Zaph Sep 16 '11 at 11:17

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You can use malloc or calloc functions of C:

int count = 24;
unsigned char *buffer = (unsigned char *)calloc(count, sizeof(unsigned char));

Don't forget to free it after using:


Simple example:

NSMutableArray *array;
unsigned char *buffer = (unsigned char *)calloc([array count], sizeof(unsigned char));
for (int i=0; i<[array count]; i++)
    buffer[i] = [[array objectAtIndex:i] unsignedCharValue];
// use array
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