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I've tried to connect to Windows 8 Developer Preview via rdesktop 1.6 and freerdp 0.8.2 from linux and there was no success.

I've get:

ui_unimpl: NOT IMPLEMENTED: Unknown Capability Set 0x1E ui_unimpl: NOT IMPLEMENTED: Bpp 254

Although I could set a connection from Windows 7. What is the version of RDP on Windows 8? Is there any rdp client on linux that supports such version?

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RDP underwent significant work in Windows 8 and likely does not yet have any support from non-Microsoft maintained clients. Remoting from Windows 7 should work properly. Some capabilities that were added in Windows 7 may now be taken advantage of which is why Windows 7 to Windows 8 may work while Linux to Windows 8 may not. That is to say, Windows 7's RDP client already supported the new capabilities.

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Could you back up this claim with some public information? I realise from your page that you work at MS and can't discuss everything, but I'd like to see more data if available. –  Daniel Goldberg Sep 17 '11 at 17:14
To be honest, I'm unsure of whether I can discuss the nature of the improvements yet. I will say that something you can try is watching video over RDP from one Windows 8 computer to another Windows 8 computer. Additionally you can try opening the "Fish Tank" demo on a remote Windows 8 machine from a local Windows 8 client. –  Zac Brown MSFT Sep 17 '11 at 23:52

Below change work around windows8 display problem. Somehow the bpp is zero when connecting windows8.

Tested with "xfreerdp --no-nla "

diff --git a/client/X11/xf_graphics.c b/client/X11/xf_graphics.c
index afbf773..beb3afe 100644
--- a/client/X11/xf_graphics.c
+++ b/client/X11/xf_graphics.c
@@ -109,6 +109,7 @@ void xf_Bitmap_Decompress(rdpContext* context, rdpBitmap* bitmap,
    uint16 size;

+   if (!bpp) bpp = 16;
    size = width * height * (bpp + 7) / 8;

    if (bitmap->data == NULL)
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For those stumbling onto this question:

Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 support RDPv8: (Wikipedia)

Remmina (remmina@sourceforge), implementing FreeRDP (FreeRDP), is able to connect to Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 -- I'm currently using Remmina to successfully connect to a WS2012 machine.

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FreeRdp is aiming to support win8

when I tried it logged it but fails to display properly

Bitmap Decompression Failed

Until release 1.0 gets out you can try it :


I am investigating


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Maybe Remmina or Freerdp or Rdesktop connect to Windows Server 2012 but we have to be sure that is using the RDPv8 and it is not running on RDPv7 in a sort of compatibility mode.

Let me tell you, the performance gain of using RDPv8 is gigantic. See this video about remoting desktop is very interesting:


those guys in the video have done a excellent job evaluating Windows remote protocols.

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