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i know this is a simple question , so apologies , but i'm new to linq to xml , and am having difficulty with the following :

I have the following XML and am trying to get out all the elements , including the Address elements :

  <LawCentreName>Test Law Centre</LawCentreName>
    <Address1>Test Address1</Address1>
    <Address2>Test Address2</Address2>
    <Address3>Test Address3</Address3>
  <LawCentreName>Secondary Law Centre</LawCentreName>

and i have the following code written , but i am having difficuty extracting the Addresses along with the law centre info: XDocument lawCentres = XDocument.Load(Server.MapPath("XML\LawCentres.xml"));

        var lawCentreQuery = from c in lawCentres.Descendants("LawCentre")
                             where (int)c.Element("LawCentreID") == lawCentreID
                             select new LawCentre
                                 LawCentreName = (string)c.Element("LawCentreName"),
                                 LawCentreID = (int)c.Element("LawCentreID"),
                                 LawCentreAddressLine1 = (string)c.Element("Address1"),
                                 LawCentreAddressLine2 = (string)c.Element("Address2"),
                                 LawCentreAddressLine3 = (string)c.Element("Address3"),

Any ideas ?

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replace (string)c.Element("Address1") with (string)c.Element("Address").Element("Address1")


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The second option works perfect , thanks a million for your help Hasan ! – Alicia Sep 16 '11 at 10:41
@Alicia first option had a path error; fixed it. Now that will work too – Hasan Khan Sep 16 '11 at 10:44

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