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How is the OrderByDescending used ?

I have a label, Circles, declared like this

ReadOnlyCollection<FlangeCircle> Circles

which contain a variabel, Diameter of the type double

I want to sort them based on the diamter so I try

FlangeCircle<FlangeCircle> query = Circles.OrderByDescending(p => p.Diameter);

but that will not go throug the compiler, but the following does

var query = Circles.OrderByDescending(p => p.Diameter);

Why is that and how do I declare query with a "correct" type instead ?


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I imagine the type would be IEnumerable<FlangeCircle> not FlangeCircle<FlangeCirle> Edit: actually just remembered its possibly IOrderedEnumerable<FlangeCircle> –  Manatherin Sep 16 '11 at 10:28
also you can mouse over the var keyword (if your using visual studio) and it should tell you the type the compiler will assign it to –  Manatherin Sep 16 '11 at 10:29
@Manatherin: you might want to post this as an answer ;) –  fjdumont Sep 16 '11 at 10:30
@fjdumont, meh jon skeets already done it :P –  Manatherin Sep 16 '11 at 10:32

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The type of the variable is the problem:

FlangeCircle<FlangeCircle> query = ...

FlangeCircle<FlangeCircle> doesn't make sense as a type, and certainly isn't what's returned by OrderByDescending. You almost certainly want:

IEnumerable<FlangeCircle> query = Circles.OrderByDescending(p => p.Diameter);

Or if you want to be able to perform ThenBy/ThenByDescending operatorions on query:

IOrderedEnumerable<FlangeCircle> query = ...;
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Thanks now it works –  Stefan Olsson Sep 16 '11 at 10:40

This will return an IEnumerable, so:

IEnumerable<FlangeCircle> query = Circles.OrderByDescending(p => p.Diameter);
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Shouldn't the variable by IEnumerable? as in

IEnumerable<FlangeCircle> query = Circles.OrderByDescending(p => p.Diameter);
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Try to use IEnumerable<FlangeCircle> query = ...

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