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I have a PHP multidimensional array witch i converted to JSON using JSON_encode().

I am using drupal so for those not familiar with it, drupal array often have keys that looks like that :


So my JSON object ends up looking like:


Now the problem is that when use the above syntaxe to retreive the value i the following JS error in the FB console : "missing name after . operator"

Also this data is meant to be used with a Jquery template, so i alos tried accessing this data directly in my template with:


Witch unfortunately didn't work either..

How would i go to fix that issue ? Can i access somehow this proprety with JS? Or is there a way that i have JSON_encode function replace all 0 by let's say "zero"? Or even replacing '0' when parsing the JSON string?

Suggestions much appreicated.

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As well as using the dot notation, you can use regular array notation to access JSON nodes:

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Thanks alex for your answer, i ll give this some more testing and kudos you. – silkAdmin Sep 16 '11 at 11:01

Try accessing it with some_array.und["0"].value. '0' is not a valid name for a javascript object, which is why accessing it via the . notation is not working. However, if you access it via the square brackets, you can access keys with any name at all.

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Yeah seems to be working, thanks for your quick answer – silkAdmin Sep 16 '11 at 11:01

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