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I want to detect whether [SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] is currently playing any effect. For Background music there is a method that gives you the information whether background music is playing:

[[SimpleAudioEngine sharedEngine] isBackgroundMusicPlaying];

Does something similar exist for sound effects? If not how else can I detect whether I am already playing an effect?

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SimpleAudioEngine Doesn't have a method like isBackgroundMusicPlaying for effects, but you can store a BOOL called isPlaying and use CDSoundSource

CDSoundSource* currentSound = [[CDAudioManager sharedManager] audioSourceForChannel:kASC_Right];
[currentSound load:audioFile];
currentSound.delegate = self;
currentSound.backgroundMusic = NO;
isPlaying = YES;
[currentSound play];

Then implement the callback:

- (void) cdAudioSourceDidFinishPlaying:(CDLongAudioSource *) audioSource {
    isPlaying = NO;

I don't know exactly if that's the correct way to initialise the CDSoundSource since I've stolen shamelessly the code from this topic . Maybe you should take a look at the CDAudioManager Class Reference

Hope this helps to point you in the right direction.

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