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Basically what I'm trying to do is have 3 css stylesheets for desktop, mobile, and tablet. And I don't care if it is ipad or samsung galaxy tab as long as I know it is a tablet, so that I just apply tablet css to it. Same as iphone or Nexus which I don't care either. I just care about the dimension basically. That would be good if JQuery Mobile could do this.

I know there is lots of code for detecting iphone, ipad, and etc, hope my post still makes sense.


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After more than 2 years, can you tell if someone here provided you an acceptable answer ? –  Milche Patern Jun 7 '13 at 15:09

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Sounds like using CSS media queries to create a responsive design may be what you need.

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You can have a look at http://stackoverflow.com/a/10364620/450399

He uses css to check screensize and sets a HTML element and reference the css in javascript to determine if it's a "mobile/tablet" device.

You can also have a look at Twitter Bootstrap :) It's really magic!

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You can check great article on SmashingMagazine about media queries and browser detection

If you dig there some more, you will find more useful info.

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