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i have a list of keyvaluepair in c# and i want to check two keys means return true if both exist in all other it's return false.

can someone tell em how i can do this through writing one statement only like my code not worked in c#

(info.Exists(x => x.Key == "user" && x.Key == "pass"))
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It sounds like you want:

if (info.Any(x => x.Key == "user") && info.Any(x => x.Key == "pass"))

(I've used Any here so that it's more general to any IEnumerable<T> using LINQ, but you could use Exists for List<T> just as easily.)

Just as a fun alternative:

string[] requiredKeys = { "user, "pass" };
if (!requiredKeys.Except(info.Select(x => x.Key)).Any())
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You beat me by 19 seconds. Close race :) (and almost character by character answers). –  Ray Sep 16 '11 at 13:03

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