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I have the following query

UPDATE rec_analyst
           SET analyst_name = (SELECT DISTINCT min (LIQA_ANALYST_LAST_NAME)
                                 FROM LIQA
                                WHERE LIQA_ANALYST_ID = analyst_extern_id
                                      AND LIQA_TS_INSERT = '15.09.2011'

         WHERE analyst_provider_id = 4

Explain plan shows costs of around 4000, but the database load is 100% and even after one hour this job is not ready. Here the explain plan output:

DESC                            |OBJECT NAME                    |COST| #    |BYTES  | 
UPDATE STATEMENT, GOAL =ALL_ROWS|                               |  34| 16572| 331440|
  UPDATE                        |REC_ANALYST                    |    |      |       |
   TABLE ACCESS FULL            |REC_ANALYST                    |  34| 16572|331440 |
  SORT AGGREGATE                |                               |    |      |24     |
   TABLE ACCESS FULL            |REC_LIQA_LOAD_INQUIRY_ANALYST  |3965|1     |24     |

How can I optimize it?

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Can you post the explain plan? What are your indexed columns? BTW you don't need the DISTINCT as you have MIN in the subquery. Also qualify your date with a TO_DATE and format mask if LIQA_TS_INSERT is a DATE field. – Ollie Sep 16 '11 at 13:13
Do you have an index on LIQA_TS_INSERT? If not you'll need one, assuming you have a of data. Likewise on analyst_provider_id and LIQA_ANALYST_ID. Best thing is look at execution plan and try the queries individually. – TheCodeKing Sep 16 '11 at 13:16
Possible problems: outdated database statistics (recalculate the statistics for the affected tables and try again) or locks caused by concurrent updates in other sessions. – Codo Sep 16 '11 at 13:46
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Ask your DBA if it would be possible/advantagous to add an index on either (preferably both) of the following:

Table: rec_analyst column: analyst_provider_id Table: LIQA column: LIQA_TS_INSERT

Ideally there be PK/FK indexes on LIQA.analyst_id and rec_analyst.analyst_extern_id, not knowing your schema thought it's hard to say what indexes would benefit your system as a whole.

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You could try:

MERGE INTO rec_analyst ra
          FROM LIQA
         WHERE LIQA_TS_INSERT = '15.09.2011'
      ) liqa_extract
   ON ( liqa_extract.analyst_id = ra.analyst_extern_id
        AND ra.analyst_provider_id = 4
 WHEN MATCHED THEN UPDATE SET ra.analyst_name = liqa_extract.min_name;
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+1, as this would be my exact answer as well. – Rob van Wijk Sep 16 '11 at 14:48
Rationale: this way you prevent executing the liqa query as many times as there are rows in the rec_analyst table with provider_id 4. – Rob van Wijk Sep 16 '11 at 14:49
+1 Benoit, nice use of MERGE. – Ollie Sep 16 '11 at 15:46

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