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So I've downloaded and installed the Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools, but I can't find the SDK.

The download page says that it contains the Windows SDK for Metro style apps, but I can't find it. Does anyone know where it is?

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As Jay says, the SDK headers and tools are located in \Program Files(x86)\Windows Kit. The samples and documentation are online.

Update: The whole pack of samples can had as a single download here.

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I guess that explains why I couldn't find the samples, do you know if there is some way we can download all the samples at once. It's a bit painful having to download them individually. – Ian Oakes Sep 16 '11 at 20:11
Just found it, all the samples are contained in a zip file located at…, which was first link in the URL above. – Ian Oakes Sep 16 '11 at 20:17

It is located in <System Drive>\Program Files(x86)\Windows Kit

Are you having any specific problems that is resulting in Windows SDK not being found?

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Are you talking about the documentation? If you install the x64 version with developer tools (4.8GB) it has visual studio and expression blend 5 installed which lets you develop Metro UI apps.

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