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I need a sort of chatbox for a project I'm working on and I don't fancy getting into the nitty-gritty of it myself. Can anyone recommend a good plugin?

My requirements are...

  • Auto-update with jQuery for anyone viewing the page, not just the user.
  • Writes to an SQL database, not a text file.
  • Written in the most recent jQuery.

I looked at one from Code Forest and one from AjaxDaddy but the former did not update for everyone and the latter was written in dated jQuery and wrote to a text file.

Any other suggestions? Thanks very much.

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On the first link you tried, everybody get updated but the refresh happens every 15 seconds.

That could easily be changed inside refresh_shoutbox function in this line:

// recurring refresh every 15 seconds
setInterval("refresh_shoutbox()", 15000);

where 15000 is a number of miliseconds.

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This one is more up-to-date: http://yensdesign.com/2009/01/create-a-shoutbox-using-php-and-ajax-jquery/

Edit: This one is payed, but also working: http://codecanyon.net/item/shoutcloud-flexible-phpajax-shoutboxchat/full_screen_preview/125018 (no affiliate, no connection or what so ever!)

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Thanks for your reply. It doesn't look like the former updates for everyone, though. –  Sebastian Sep 16 '11 at 13:47

I've used QShout a few times in the past. It works fine, is somewhat modern (jq 1.4) and is fairly easy to extend.


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