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I do not know why, but somehow two files were added to project with a mistake as you can see on screenshot. How can I safely remove them from Xcode project? I've already deleted them from disk, but delete button is grayed out in Xcode interface.

delete is grayed out in xcode context menu

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Do a clean of all targets and then remove the app from simulator. Finally, relaunch it.

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doesn't help :( –  dig Sep 16 '11 at 19:09

I can't replicate your problem, but you could give this a shot:

Close Xcode. Right-click your .xcodeproj file, show package contents. Make a copy of your project.pbxproj somewhere as a backup, then open the original in TextEdit. Find "MyClass.h" in the file. You should find a few lines containing it; just delete the entire line each time (including the line break). Do the same for "MyClass.m". Then save, and open your project.

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