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I am using Grails 1.1.1 and I want to install ivy-0.1 but when I run grails install-plugin ivy it hits the http://www.apache.org/dist/ant/ivy/2.0.0-rc1/apache-ivy-2.0.0-rc1-bin-with-deps.zip. But here this Zip is not present. Is there any way I can configure the grails repository path so that it hits that url?


Can I first I download the file at my server and configure grails to fetch locally?

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According to the Grails documentation you don't need to install the ivy plug-in in Version 1.1.

Ivy Support in Grails 1.1

With Grails 1.1, Grails features Ivy support out of the box so you don't need the Ivy plugin. Simply using the Ant build.xml and ivy.xml created by Grails' create-app command.

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