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I have a SSRS report with an action on a text-box. Go to report property is set to the parent report so this makes the parent report also a drillthrough report for itself. I deployed the report on the report server and it is rendered ok and also the drillthrough action works ok in the Report Manager.
When I attach this report to a ReportViewer control in an .aspx the parent report is rendered ok but the drillthrough action causes an error (Invalid argument).
I have 2 visible and 3 hidden parameters for this report.
I tried to override the ReportViewerCtrl_Drillthrough event and added the following code:


where reportParamList is a list of parameters passed from the parent report to the drillthrough report but I get the same error (I used DrillthroughEventArgs.Report.GetParameters() to get the list of parameters and they're passed by in a correct way).
I didn't find on other forums something like this related to reports deployed on Server Report (only for local report).

Any idea would be very much appreciated!

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I have found the issue for this.
It was related to the way .aspx page was built.
My report viewer control was framed by a form tag but it appears it also needed a table tag too.
So this is how my .aspx page looks now:
ReportViewer Control

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