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My app crashes only in simulator , it doesn't crash on device.

it crashes in simulator and gives me nothing except this :

  #0    0x00000000 in 0x00000000 ()
    #1  0x0182966e in icu::RuleBasedBreakIterator::handleNext ()
    #2  0x018293dc in icu::RuleBasedBreakIterator::next() ()
    #3  0x01828a12 in icu::RuleBasedBreakIterator::following(int) ()
    #4  0x043378dd in WebCore::nextBreakablePosition(unsigned short const*, int, int, bool) ()
    #5  0x04cc2fca in -[NSString(WebStringDrawing) __web_drawInRect:withFont:ellipsis:alignment:letterSpacing:lineSpacing:includeEmoji:truncationRect:measureOnly:renderedStringOut:] ()
    #6  0x04cc07be in -[NSString(WebStringDrawing) __web_drawInRect:withFont:ellipsis:alignment:letterSpacing:lineSpacing:includeEmoji:truncationRect:measureOnly:] ()
    #7  0x04cc0499 in -[NSString(WebStringDrawing) _web_drawInRect:withFont:ellipsis:alignment:lineSpacing:includeEmoji:truncationRect:measureOnly:] ()
    #8  0x04cc021b in -[NSString(WebStringDrawing) _web_sizeInRect:withFont:ellipsis:lineSpacing:] ()
    #9  0x0053fc33 in -[NSString(UIStringDrawing) sizeWithFont:constrainedToSize:lineBreakMode:lineSpacing:] ()
    #10 0x00644987 in -[UILabel _drawTextInRect:baselineCalculationOnly:] ()
    #11 0x006422fc in -[UILabel drawTextInRect:] ()
    #12 0x00559187 in -[UIView(CALayerDelegate) drawLayer:inContext:] ()
    #13 0x00221b5e in -[CALayer drawInContext:] ()
    #14 0x0022de47 in backing_callback(CGContext*, void*) ()
    #15 0x0017b1f7 in CABackingStoreUpdate ()
    #16 0x0022dd24 in -[CALayer _display] ()
    #17 0x0022427d in CALayerDisplayIfNeeded ()
    #18 0x001c90c3 in CA::Context::commit_transaction(CA::Transaction*) ()
    #19 0x001ca294 in CA::Transaction::commit() ()
    #20 0x001ca555 in CA::Transaction::release_thread(void*) ()
    #21 0x98f4de0c in _pthread_tsd_cleanup ()
    #22 0x98f0664c in _pthread_exit ()
    #23 0x98f069a0 in pthread_exit ()
    #24 0x00c93d1a in -[NSString compare:options:] ()
    #25 0x00c93c98 in __NSThread__main__ ()
    #26 0x98f04ed9 in _pthread_start ()
    #27 0x98f086de in thread_start ()

Why is this happening?


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Can you also explain what sort of actions you were doing when it crashes, and what iOS version of the sim? – chown Sep 16 '11 at 14:07
Does your app have multiple threads? – progrmr Sep 16 '11 at 14:10
yes I have multiple threads, and I have a webview which shows an html., iOS version is 4.3 – Can Sep 16 '11 at 14:36

Set NSZombieEnabled, MallocStackLogging, and guard malloc in the debugger. Then, when your App crashes, type this in the gdb console:

(gdb) info malloc-history 0x543216

Replace 0x543216 with the address of the object that caused the crash, and you will get a much more useful stack trace and it should help you pinpoint the exact line in your code that is causing the problem.

See this article for more detailed instructions.

Another idea is to try turning off auto-correction in the simulator Settings App.

enter image description here

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ok I will try but, why? what is the relation? – Can Sep 16 '11 at 14:24
it doesn't work. it still crashes. – Can Sep 16 '11 at 14:26
Can you provide details about what you are doing in the App right before the crash? – chown Sep 16 '11 at 14:42

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