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I need to select a <p> element that has a nested <a> with a specific class.

The <a> is not always a child of the <p> and may instead be a grandchild. For example:

<p>some text<span><a href="#" class="myclass f5">link</a></span></p>

I need to select the <p> element if it has an <a> with the class f5 anywhere inside.

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this isn't possible with a css selector (theres nothing like a parent-selector).

maybe you can work around this with javascript - in jquery, for example, you should get your paragraphs with $('p:has(a.f5)') (and then you're free to .addClass() or set .css() on this elements directly).

you might also want to take a look at this other questions on SO (and next time: search before you ask):

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