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I have implemented my own authenticator for Facebook and stored access_token in Accounts Manager.

I have tried all 3 ways to retreive auth_token, but in vain.

In my method, I have started a thread, and in the Threads RUN method, I have tried foll ways:-

authTokenBundle = accountManagerFuture.getResult();

manager.blockingGetAuthToken(accounts[0], "com.facebook", false);

& the way u showed above...

manager.getAuthToken(account, "com.facebook", true, new AccountManagerCallback() {...

But my code gets blocked on all above 3 lines. No exception/error.

I need to get the auth-token in my app.

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You can use the applications SharedPreferences to store and retreive the token.

My implementation:

    private String getTokenFromSharedPreferences(){
        SharedPreferences settings = getSharedPreferences();
        return settings.getString(TOKEN, null);

    private String getTokenSecretFromSharedPreferences(){
        SharedPreferences settings = getSharedPreferences();
        return settings.getString(TOKEN_SECRET, null);

    public void setTokenInSharedPreferences(String token){
        putInSharedPreferences(TOKEN, token);

    public void setTokenSecretInSharedPreferences(String tokenSecret){
        putInSharedPreferences(TOKEN_SECRET, tokenSecret);

    public void putInSharedPreferences(String key, String value){
        SharedPreferences.Editor editor = getSharedPreferences().edit();
        editor.putString(key, value);

    protected SharedPreferences getSharedPreferences(){
        return activity.getSharedPreferences(PREFERENCE_NAME, 0); //0 = MODE_PRIVATE.
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