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I have several div's with same class , so first i want to find which one has duplicate class name and then i want to hide all of the div's except the first one

<div class="jquery"> </div> 
 <div class="jquery"></div>

Need help please


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jQuery's slice the first element:



EDIT: Find Duplicates

New Example

var duplicated = {},
$('div').each(function() {
    class = $(this).attr('class');
    duplicated[class] = (duplicated[class] | 0) + 1

for (var key in duplicated) {
    if (duplicated.hasOwnProperty(key) && duplicated[key] > 1) {
        $('div.' + key).slice(1).hide()
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Why the additional jQuery call? Isn't $('.jquery').slice(1).hide() enough? – Jose Faeti Sep 16 '11 at 14:34
It might be worth mentioning to new coders that $('.jquery') is NOT calling array.slice(); it is a jQuery object which happens to have a .slice() method of its own -- – Blazemonger Sep 16 '11 at 14:35
@Jose, editted. I'm not sure why I put that there! – Joe Sep 16 '11 at 14:37
@mblase, thank you. I've editted. I seriously need more coffee this morning – Joe Sep 16 '11 at 14:40

you should not have multiple ids, for class you can do




here is the fiddle

to find out if there are more than one div with same class name you can do

// more than one divs have class jquery

to manipulate each div having class jquery

$(this).attr("rel","div number"+index);  //this will refer to each respective div having class jquery, for each iteration
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thank you so much and is there any way to find which div have duplicate class – Henry Sep 16 '11 at 14:34

This won't help you identify which class names are duplicated, but it'll hide the dupes.


[edit] added real solution and commentary below:


  classes = {},
  dupes = {};

  .each(function(index, elem){
      function(index, name) {
        if (name) {
          classes[name] = (classes[name] || 0) + 1;
          if (classes[name] > 1) {
            dupes[name] = classes[name];

  function(name) {
    $('.' + name)


Note: I sincerely doubt you actually want to do this, as it will probably have unintended consequences on your UI. That is, you will almost certainly hide content that you really want to keep showing.

You almost certainly want to filter which classes are to be hidden, either by providing a predefined whitelist, or at least a matching function of some king (like a regular expression). Good luck!

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Will give you a jQuery object containing all the DOM elements with that class. See the jQuery in the docs.


The length property will give you the number of items with that class.

$('.class_name').each( function () {
    // do something here...

Will take one element at once from the elements with the same class, and you can work on each of them at a time. See each here. Each of those items have the same class.


Will hide all but the first item, because it's removed with slice.

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