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I am working with google maps api v3. When I calcluate the way(based on points saved in variables) and after that simply move one marker (change the way) - how can I save this change? I need that, because when I change marker position and after that - change the travel mode: the new way is computing without the marker change...

I tired this:

var new_waypoints = directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs[0];
origin = new_waypoints.start_location;
destination = new_waypoints.end_location;
var wp = new_waypoints.via_waypoints;
var w = [];
for(var i=0; i<wp.length; i++)
    w[i] = [wp[i].lat(),wp[i].lng()]
waypoints = w;

But new_waypoints.via_waypoints always return empty array...

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I found the solution!

var new_waypoints = directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs[0];
        var waypoints_count = directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs.length;
        var w = [];
        origin = new_waypoints.start_location;
        for(var i = 1; i<waypoints_count; ++i)
            w.push({ location: directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs[i].start_location, stopover: true });

        destination = directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs[waypoints_count-1].end_location;
        waypoints = w;
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