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I wrote an ASP.NET app in C# that consists of a WCF service and a simple website.

I have managed to deploy the project to IIS, but is there an easy way to deploy the project with only FTP access? Is there a file structure convention that is automatically picked up by the server (like a Java war) or is the process totally different? Thanks beforehand!

Cheers, SuperTron

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You are looking for MSDeploy, which is built into 2010

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Ah, makes sense, thanks :D – SuperTron Sep 16 '11 at 16:22

Visual Studio's Copy Web Site tool is similar in functionality to a stand-alone FTP client. In a nutshell, the Copy Web Site tool allows you to connect to a remote web site through FTP or FrontPage Server Extensions. Similar to FileZilla's user interface, the Copy Web Site user interface consists of two panes: the left pane lists the local files while the right pane lists those files on the destination server.

Note: The Copy Web Site tool is only available for Web Site Projects. Visual Studio does offer this tool when you are working with a Web Application Project.

See for much more details.

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unfortunately, my application needs to be a Web Application project. (Well, it doesn't NEED to be, but it certainly makes everything easier!) – SuperTron Sep 16 '11 at 16:19

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