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I am getting the following error in eclipse when trying to use MercurialEclipse:

abort: requirement 'dotencode' not supported!. Command line: D:\DEV\Flex\Workspaces\MothersRingsKrake:hg -y status -marduc

I looked it up and it says:

If an older Mercurial version tries to access a repository that was created by a newer Mercurial version, an error message like

abort: requirement 'dotencode' not supported!

So how can I make my MercurialEclipse plugin use the newer version of Mercurial?

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If the version of the Mercurial (in-built) used by Eclipse is different from the one installed in your machine, you could configure the Mercurial plugin to use the newer hg executable. You can do so, by visiting the "Mercurial" sub-menu under the "Team" menu in the Preferences dialog (Window-> Preferences), and explicitly specify the location of the hg executable.

Changing the Mercurial executable used by Eclipse

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I had this problem when I updated to latest TortoiseHG.
Fixed it by installing Mercurial-2.0.2

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