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i'm sorry if this is a bit silly. I'm not even new to JSP/WebSphere. I'm working remotely with a company whose servers run this "environment" as they called it.

I need their server to send a POST request directly to my server (whitout client side intervention). My server will answer with a JSON obj that should get saved in their databases.

The person in charge of this is only able to write jsp pages. And I wonder, is it possible to do waht I need?

If you could point me to some guides with information about this, I would appreciate it. We are kinda running out of time here.


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You can do it simply with two JSps on the remote company's server and with one JSP on your server,, lets name them as follows,,

Remote company's JSP: sendReq.jsp and saveJSON.jsp

Your side JSP: sendRes.jsp

In the sendReq.jsp, code to send a POSt request using the HttpConnection class
In the sendRes.jsp, code to make the JSON and send as response to saveJSON.jsp
In the saveJSON.jsp, code to get the JSON from the server and store to database,

Was this helpful!!

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Only JSPs on their side, but no client intervention seems like 2 conflicting requirements. They could, of course, write a bunch of scriplet code to do anything in a JSP, but JSPs don't get executed until a view needs to be rendered. i.e. a client requests it.

I guess you could get around that by having something external hit the URL of their JSP, which then in turns hits the URL of your JSON-providing service. You'd could schedule that initial URL request with something like cron.

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