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I'm trying to use the dll in the link below that allows for shared memory between different process. Though for some reason it's not compiling. First I have the dll compiled as written as a .lib. Then I create a new source file with the exact code as in the parent process. Just compiling I get the error

"Warning: empty declaration, syntax error found string constant expecting ;,unrecognized declaration"

for the line:

extern "C" VOID __cdecl SetSharedMem(LPWSTR lpszBuf)

what does this mean?

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extern "C" VOID __cdecl SetSharedMem(LPWSTR lpszBuf);

It seems You have Missed the semicolon while copy pasting it.

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yes i have the semicolon in the actual code – mugetsu Sep 16 '11 at 18:18

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