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In Visual studio 11 Developer Preview, you can download samples from the extension manager, but is there an easy way to open those samples.

I know the files are downloaded to


, but it's probably not an good idea to open the project from there.

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Get the answer on MSDN forum.

After having installed the sample, you can go into the New Project dialog. You will notice there is a Samples node available now, and the sample you just installed should be listed in the categories there. Pick the sample, and create a new project based on the sample.

Also, there is a more streamlined way to do this. If you start in the New Project dialog, click on the Online tab... This will query the MSDN Samples Gallery and show you the same online samples in that dialog. From there you can find the sample you want, install it, and create a new project based on that sample in one easy step.

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