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Here is a very simple code example:

    <ToolBar DockPanel.Dock="Top" IsTabStop="False">
         <ToggleButton MinWidth="40"  Command="EditingCommands.ToggleBold" CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=XAMLRichBox}" TextBlock.FontWeight="Bold" IsTabStop="False">B</ToggleButton>
    <RichTextBox x:Name="XAMLRichBox" SpellCheck.IsEnabled="True" MinHeight="100"/>

when I run it, after typing something into the RichTextBox, I can use the ToggleButton to get the BOLD effect, and everything is fine.

But if I click ToggleButton before typing in anything into RichTextBox (no matter RichTextBox get focus or not), although ToggleButton became Checked, my RichTextBox still using the normal style (not BOLD) until I click ToggleButton again. Is this a bug? how can I get around? Thanks!

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I know this is old, but while you're still on SO at this time, would you mind tell us if you found a solution to this? It is still unanswered and not only here... –  Sinity Jun 19 at 15:37
@Sinity, no solution found yet, but your answer below looks like a quick fix. Thanks! –  Bolu Jun 20 at 8:13

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            CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=XAMLRichBox}"
        MinHeight="100" />


 private void SynchronizeWith(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        object currentValue = XAMLRichBox.Selection.GetPropertyValue(TextElement.FontWeightProperty);
        boldButton.IsChecked = (currentValue == DependencyProperty.UnsetValue) ? false : currentValue != null && currentValue.Equals(FontWeights.Bold);

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thanks, this will synchronize togglebutton's status with the RichTextBox. But still, EditingCommands.ToggleBold will not work util user entered something. –  Bolu Sep 17 '11 at 9:33

I found a semi-solution and I thought I would share since this problem is not answered anywhere on the web and I think many people are having issues with it.

I set a Variable NewInput in the constructor. When the first input in the richTextBox will be fired, I'll just apply every formating I need to it and pass it to the control.

private bool NewInput;
private void richTxt_PreviewTextInput(object sender, TextCompositionEventArgs e)
    if (NewInput)
        TextPointer startPosition = richTxt.Selection.Start;
        Run r = new Run(e.Text, startPosition);
        if (IsSelectionBold)
            r.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold;
        if (IsSelectionItalic)
            r.FontStyle = FontStyles.Italic;
        if (IsSelectionUnderlined)
            r.TextDecorations = TextDecorations.Underline;
        r.FontSize = double.Parse(SelectedFontHeight);
        r.FontFamily = new FontFamily(SelectedFont);


        NewInput = false;
        e.Handled = true;
        richTxt.CaretPosition = richTxt.CaretPosition.GetPositionAtOffset(1);

I then replace the carret at the right place. Like this, the formating is kept even if there is nothing in the RichTextBox.

I'm sure it'll help somebody one day.

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