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I have a doc library on SharePoint for my work templates (DOTX). The doc library has a column called "Template ID". Each template has an ID stored in that column.

I want to use VBA to loop through each template in the SharePoint doc library and read the value in the Template ID column. If I can read the value, I can do some additional programming with it.

This code works, but it has to open each template to get the value I'm looking for, so it's not a feasible solution:

Sub FeebleAttempt()

Dim TemplateFolder As String
Dim CurrentTemplatePath As String
Dim CurrentTemplate As Document        'Declared as a document so ContentTypeProperties works

TemplateFolder = "\\SharePoint Doc Library\"

CurrentTemplatePath = TemplateFolder & Dir$(TemplateFolder & "*.dotx")

While Len(CurrentTemplatePath) <> 0
    Set CurrentTemplate = Documents.Open(CurrentTemplatePath)

    MsgBox CurrentTemplate.ContentTypeProperties("Template ID").Value

    CurrentTemplate.Close (wdDoNotSaveChanges)
    CurrentTemplatePath = Dir$()

End Sub

Any ideas?


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You're mixing Sharepoint with VBA? I think you are not explaining yourself correctly here. Each DOTX template has an ID stored within the word document or do you mean a column in your SharePoint document library contains an ID? Also What is "Dir$" in a Sharepoint context? – Dennis G Sep 16 '11 at 19:26
@moontear I made a column in my SharePoint doc library called "Template ID". Then I uploaded template files to it. As the files were uploaded, SharePoint injected XML into them to reflect the column I created, among other things. Now I could reference the data stored to that column by downloading a template and running 'ActiveDocument.ContentTypeProperties("Template ID").Value' in a VBA subroutine. Info on Dir function. It'd be nice to use Dir(foldername) to iterate through files, but my doc library path won't work there for some reason. – Ryan Sep 16 '11 at 20:04

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