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Say I want to print to disk the output of the command magic(20) using the automatic formatting capabilities in MATLAB (i.e. those of display and disp)

I would like to do this programatically from MATLAB. So my take so far has been:

First I configure my formatting options.

format bank
format compact

Then I open a file in text mode and write permission:

fID = fopen('output_file.txt', 'wt');

And then, I try to save the output of specific statements to disk:

1) With num2str

string = num2str(magic(20));
fwritef(fID, '%s', string);

2) With eval (based on the most-voted answer on this thread)

string = eval('magic(20)');
fwritef(fID, '%s', string);

Is there any way to use display or disp in combination with fprintf (or a similar text-file-writing API) to write disp/display-formatted strings to disk?

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If you're on linux or OS X you could run your script from the command line and redirect stdout to a file. You may want to check on the syntax, but it's something like

matlab -r my_function > out.txt

I think there's a way to do it from a DOSish prompt as well, though I don't know the redirect syntax there.

Update: Non-redirecting version

Does something like this work?

format bank
format compact

s1 = evalc('magic(4)');
s2 = evalc('disp(magic(4))');

f = fopen('test.txt', 'w');
fprintf(f, '%s', s1);
fprintf(f, '\n======================================\n\n');
fprintf(f, '%s', s2);

If I run this and then do !cat test.txt, I get

ans =
     16.00          2.00          3.00         13.00
      5.00         11.00         10.00          8.00
      9.00          7.00          6.00         12.00
      4.00         14.00         15.00          1.00


     16.00          2.00          3.00         13.00
      5.00         11.00         10.00          8.00
      9.00          7.00          6.00         12.00
      4.00         14.00         15.00          1.00
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Thanks @dantswain, but I am interested in writing to disk only specific strings, not the full stdout of my program/function/script. –  Amelio Vazquez-Reina Sep 16 '11 at 19:39
Fair enough. This is just the quick solution that came to mind. Looking at the above, it's not clear what is not working about what you're doing. Can you be more specific? –  dantswain Sep 16 '11 at 19:59

Sounds like you want evalc. It will capture the command window output of an eval to a string.

x = magic(20);
str = evalc('disp(x)');
fprintf(fid, 'My matrix is:\n%s', str);
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