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I need to prevent Ctrl-w, Ctrl-t, Ctrl-n from doing their default functionality. I know removing user rights is frowned upon, but hear me out before casting judgement.

event.preventDefault() only works on lesser key combos like p, but n, t, and w are immune to client side javascript according to javascript capture browser shortcuts (ctrl+t/n/w).

I'm writing educational cloud software for kids 3-12, and I use Chrome's Kisok mode to limit their ability to screw around. I have full control of the computers in question. Are there hidden Chrome options / extensions / Windows tricks / something else that I can use to make the computer actually a kiosk instead of a "kisok"?

Also, I'm writing a cloud code editor using Ace and I want to use emacs key bindings but I keep opening new windows when I try to go down a line.

EDIT clarification: It's Chrome only because that was the spec / we control the system, but it would be useful if anyone has thoughts on ff/o/ie

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Since you noted thoughts on other browsers would be helpful: Opera's kiosk mode seems more powerful than Chrome's. I believe this would give the result you want: opera.exe /kioskmode /nokeys http://your-url

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Thank you, unfortunately the code is wedged in Chrome, and the testing alone would be two more hours than I'm willing to spend on this. – Bobby Sep 19 '11 at 18:43

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