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What information should I expect in the out and drop events for a droppable div? I have two droppable container divs: container one with four nested elements, container two with one nested element. I drag one element from container one into container two. In the out event for container one, I still find four nested elements. However, in the drop event for container two I find one element, but it happens to be the one that came from container one. So there are several problems:

  1. The information found in both events does not reflect the actual state of the containers.
  2. The out event doesn't reflect that elements were moved out.
  3. The drop event only shows the element being dropped.

Here is the HTML for the containers and the elements nested in them.

<div id="container1" class="comdiv ui-widget-content" style="position: absolute; top: 40px; left: 40px; width:350px; height:250px;"> 
    <p id="heading" class="comhdr editableText">Container 1</p> 

    <div id="u0014" class="comurl"><img class="dhandle" src="http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=tf1.fr" align="middle" />&nbsp;<a href="http://tf1.fr" target="_blank">TF1.fr</a>  
    <div id="u0015" class="comurl"><img class="dhandle" src="http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=www.aol.com" align="middle" />&nbsp;<a href="http://www.aol.com" target="_blank">AOL.com</a> 
    <div id="u0016" class="comurl"><img class="dhandle" src="http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=www.facebook.com" align="middle" />&nbsp;<a href="http://www.facebook.com" target="_blank">Facebook.com</a> 
    <div id="u0017" class="comurl"><img class="dhandle" src="http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=msn.com" align="middle" />&nbsp;<a href="http://www.msn.com" target="_blank">MSN.com</a>  


<div id="container2" class="comdiv ui-widget-content" style="position: absolute; top: 40px; left: 240px; width:350px; height:250px;"> 
    <p id="heading" class="comhdr editableText">Container 2</p> 

    <div id="u0018" class="comurl"><img class="dhandle" src="http://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=google.com" align="middle" />&nbsp;<a href="http://google.com" target="_blank">Google.com</a>  


In javascript I loop through the nested elements with the .children and the .each functions like this $('#'+divid).children('div').children('div').each().

function update_urls(divid) { 

   // add urls 

    var url = ''; 
    var urlname = ''; 
    var urllink = ''; 
    var urlid = ''; 
    $('#'+divid).children('div').children('div').each(function () { 

    url = $(this).find('a'); 
    urlname = url.text(); 
    urllink = url.attr('href'); 
    urlid = $(this).attr('id'); 

    alert("urlid "+urlid+" urlname "+urlname+" urllink "+urllink); 


Are there other events besides out and drop to get the right information about nested elements for drag and droppable divs? Is there a different function besides .children to get the nested elements for a drag and droppable div?

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Are you using jquery.UI for drag and drop? If so, you should look at helper option which could clone your draggable element. –  Artem Pyanykh Sep 16 '11 at 20:00
@Deshene I am only looking for a way to get the contents of the container div on every drag and drop event. A clone of the draggable element isn't helpful. –  user823527 Sep 16 '11 at 22:10
You could try to save the initial state of nested divs in dropable containers, then by out and drop events update the state using the ui parameter of event handler, and then update the urls using this state. –  Artem Pyanykh Sep 16 '11 at 23:09
@Deshene The problem isn't the initial state. I am able to get that information. I want to get the information after the drag and drop. –  user823527 Sep 17 '11 at 1:25
I see some misunderstandings. You have the initial state. You have "out" and "drop" events. "ui" parameter of the event handler contains info about dragged out (dropped in) element. You can update state using this parameter whenever "out" or "drop" events is fired, hence you can get the information about the drag and drop, because "drag and drop" is all about "out" and "drop" events. Is it what you want? –  Artem Pyanykh Sep 18 '11 at 2:29

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