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I can see how to instantiate a second MVC group, e.g.

def (loginPaneModel, loginPaneView, loginPaneController) =
      createMVCGroup('LoginPane', 'LoginPane', [:]);
view.loginPanel = loginPaneView.loginPanel

But I don't want to show as part of my main window. I want it to pop up over it. What do I call to do that? Thanks!

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The easiest way would be to use the view panel as the root of a dialog in the parent MVC group. In the view for the group that yor code snippet is the controller of you could do something like this...

application(title:'your app', ....) {
  // your existing code...

  loginDialog = dialog(title:'Login Panel', visible:false) {

And then when you need to show the dialog (in the same controller)

view.loginDialog.visible = true

Nesting a dialog inside of another window has the side effect of setting the dialog's owner to the frame or dialog of the parent. Having a dialog owned by another dialog/window is what causes the dialog to be linked with the parent and always float on top of that parent. It will also raise/lower with the parent as well.

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Well, it seems that only the first line is needed. That was enough to pop up a window. I believe the key, though, was to make the view a frame.

def frame = frame(title:'Login', pack:true, locationByPlatform:true) {
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