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I found a command line utility in our code base where the author had written a homebrew command line parser, which involved more code than the utility itself did. I decided to switch it to using Apache CLI and things are almost working.

The utility makes use of trailing args, so it'd look something like this:

util --argA=1 --argB=2 foo blah blarg

where "foo", "blah", and "blarg" are used as an argument.

Is there a way to handle this situation? I'd rather not (and might not be empowered to) change the command line signature of this utility.

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Disregard - I just stumbled across the getArgs() method from the CommandLine class, which appears to be exactly what I'm looking for. –  geoffjentry Sep 16 '11 at 20:07

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Look at CommandLine.getArgList() or CommandLine.getArgs(), both return the "remaining" items from the commandline which were not handled by the options.

See http://commons.apache.org/cli/api-1.2/org/apache/commons/cli/CommandLine.html for details.

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