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I'm trying to use a category and its subcategory to render a custom page. To do this I've tried the following:

* Catalog->Categories->Manage Categories
* Create the category
      o Create any of the subcategories I want 
* Select a subcategory and select the 'Custom Design' tab
      o Select 'Custom Design' in the dropdown. 

Now I go into my code base and do the following:

$: cd /var/www/host/app/design/frontend/siteredesign
$: tree custom_design/
├── etc
├── layout
├── locale
└── template
   └── catalog
       └── category
           └── view.phtml

And when I goto: I get a 404...what am I missing? TIA.

I would expect that view.phtml gets run.

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Solved -

Had to recreate the category and subcategory, now it all works. Go figure, Magento FTW.

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