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I want to convert WSDL file into java classes file.Suggest me the package used for it. I found one that is axis 2.0 .But i want to more packages used to do this job. please suggest me any article where i can find about the comparison related to different-2 packages for their performance. Thanks

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Use wsimport.

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Thanks Hyangelo.It's very useful for me.Suggest me more if u know.. – Ashish Panery Sep 17 '11 at 13:32
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I worked on two packages axis 2 and cxf .I used WSDL2JAVA tool for conversion and find that Axis2 is structured modularly, has many features and can be used as an application server for Web Services. A special feature of Axis2 is the support of exchangeable binding frameworks, for example XMLBeans. Axis2 together with the XMLBeans framework is well suited for Web Services which are using very complex schema definitions. The disadvantages of Axis2 are its complexity as well as the insufficient JAX-WS support. Therefore anyone who wants to work with JAX-WS should choose Apache CXF or the reference implementation.

Those who prefer a seamless integration with the Spring framework are well advised with Apache CXF. Furthermore CXF is slim and easy to use. CXF is the tool of choice if a SOAP engine has to be embedded into existing software.


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