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I'm trying to build a DataGrid using XHR, but the Grid is not being created correctly, I saw many examples and did my based on what I found on the internet but without success ...

what am I doing wrong?

my dojo:

var a = dojo.xhrGet({
                                                url : "/dojo/pix/StatusXml",
                                                handlesAs: "xml",
                                                preventCache: true,
                                                headers: { "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"},
                                // mimetype: "application/xml"

                a.addCallback(function(myXml) {
                        var grid = dijit.byId("grid");
                // var gridStore = new{data:{items: myXml} });
                        var gridStore = new{data:{items: myXml} });
                        alert("myxml: \n"+ myXml +" \n gridStore: \n"+gridStore);



Gid the result in the message that appears is "sorry, an error occurred" enter link description here

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If you use xml as the handleAs value of dojo.xhrGet function, the response data will be converted to a XML DOM object. But is expecting to get a JSON object as the data format.

So you can either use as the grid's store or convert the XML DOM object to JSON data manually. Actually it's not required to use XHR here, because and can use URL as the data source and they will handle the data retrieve.

share|improve this answer not retrieve data from the servlet by XMLRequest ... only data from a file

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