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Creating a simple app that calculates the speed your going and displays it in a speedometer graphic. I can do all the speed calculations, gps calculations etc.. but i am not too sure about the animation. Does anyone have any good tutorials or examples on needle gauges other than the thermometer example out there?

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You could probably start with something like this.

Then when transitioning between values, do an animation where the needle gradually moves to the next value X units per unit of time.

This question is also very similar to yours.

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I know, the post is quite old. But I had the same situation: there is no a good control for representing speed. I guess many people are facing this.

I've implemented SpeedometerView myself: a simple speedometer with needle and colored value ranges. Feel free to download!


enter image description here

This control was used in my app CardioMood.

The code is not optimized, but works. Enjoy!

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I moved this to another repo: github.com/ntoskrnl/AndroidWidgets –  ntoskrnl Oct 26 '14 at 1:45

Check the solution i found for my case.

Big thanks to the owner Evelina Vrabie...

enter image description here

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