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I am trying to port this bit of Python code to Java (scroll down to the bottom for the code)

But because everything is dynamically typed, I'm having difficulty porting this. I need to be able to use a Java implementation of Pythons json. Right now I'm using gson ( ), but I'm open to anything.

Neither of gson's fromJson's signatures

public <T> T fromJson(String json, Class<T> classOfT) throws JsonParseException
public <T> T fromJson(String json, Type typeOfT) throws JsonSyntaxException 

match Pythons

data = json.loads(response)

This is the JSON that I am trying to read:

How would I go about getting the class or type of the JSON above and read through it? All the other examples I've seen you have to know what it is.


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It basically fetches and dumps its contents to a string (response), then it parses the JSON using json.loads() and puts that into data.

Then it will iterate through the contents of data and build a HTML list using lxml. The list itself should look like:

  <li><a href="/Store?{StoreID}">{StoreTitle}</a></li>

Where {StoreID} and {StoreTitle} are the IDs and titles fetched and parsed from that URL.

References: urllib2, json, lxml

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I understand this, but I can't figure out how to go about doing it with Gson. I'll get back to this tomorrow when I have a little more time! (I'll make the question a little more clear) – Trevor Senior Sep 17 '11 at 2:03
+1 for the answer - I've refactored my question and made it just about what I'm having a problem with and not so much background. – Trevor Senior Sep 17 '11 at 13:14

I forgot to mention that I was using Google Web Toolkit - sorry about that. I went ahead and accepted @NullUserException 's answer though I'm writing this for anyone else who may come across this.

When converting this from Python to the Java (GWT) equivalant, I found that there was already support in GWT for JSON, and even better it works on the client side saving trips to the server. (source: JSON GWT API)

To keep thoe code clean I am using a wrapper for it that can be found on Google Code here.

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