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I build a app using struts2, and i have a problem with a pretty complex form. The idea is that for initial setup of the form i use preparable in order to prepopulate all controls, but when validation fails i can not get back some submited parameters (in order to set them again in form) in prepare method using getXX(). I can access that params using getRequest().getParameter("paramName"), but i think there must be a more elegant way to achieve this. I mention that if the validation not fails i can get all the info from the form with the getter method. This problem appears only when i got a fail validation and the prepare method is called again. Normally struts will set this params if validation failed but in my case i have some list of objects which i initialize when the form is opened for the first time (with prepareXXX() method ) with dome default values.


thanks for answers, i will put here the relevant code. so, i have the action TicketAction() with addTicket method prepared by prepareAddTicket(). In this application i have a Phone object which has 3 properties : phoneType - landline/mobile, phoneNum - the phone number phoneLabel - Work Phone/Home Phone/ Other phone. I have to generate 6 textfileds in the form: Work mobile ___________ Work landline ___________ ...................................

and in order to achieve this, and because the labels are read from a DB table, i used a iterator to create these fields :

<s:iterator value="defaultPhoneFormNewCaller" status="dpStatus">                                                <tr>
                                                        <td class="tdLabel"><label class="label"><s:property value="%{phoneLabel.name}"/>:</label></td>
                                                        <s:hidden name="phoneFormNewCaller[%{#dpStatus.index}].phoneLabel.id" value="%{phoneLabel.id}" theme="simple" />
                                                            <s:textfield name="phoneFormNewCaller[%{#dpStatus.index}].phNo" value="%{phNo}" size="50" theme="simple"  cssClass="%{defaultItemClass}" />                                                 
                                                            <!--  <input type="button" value="Default" onclick="" /> -->
                                                        <s:hidden name="phoneFormNewCaller[%{#dpStatus.index}].phoneType" value="%{phoneType}" theme="simple" />
                                                        <s:hidden name="phoneFormNewCaller[%{#dpStatus.index}].defaultPhone" id="phoneFormNewCaller_%{#dpStatus.index}" value="%{defaultPhone}" theme="simple" />

In prepareAddTicket() I populate this list only if i can determine the person that phones belong to.

prepareAddTicket {


defaultPhoneFormNewCaller = new ArrayList();

    //create defaultPhoneList for display
    List<PhoneLabel> defaultPhoneLabels = phoneLabelService.getPhoneLabels();
    Iterator<PhoneLabel> ipl = defaultPhoneLabels.iterator();
        PhoneLabel pl = ipl.next();
        PhoneLabelForm phoneLabelLandline = new PhoneLabelForm(pl.getId(),pl.getName()+" Landline");

        PhoneForm phoneFormLandline = new PhoneForm();

        PhoneLabelForm phoneLabelMobile = new PhoneLabelForm(pl.getId(),pl.getName()+" Mobile");
        PhoneForm phoneFormMobile = new PhoneForm();


        phoneFormLandline = null;
        phoneFormMobile = null;
        phoneLabelLandline = null;
        phoneLabelMobile = null;



The problem is that after the validation fails i can not get the submitted parameters in prepareAddTicket() in order to repopulate these fields with submitted values. I`m sure that prepareAddTicket() is called because here i also prepare some dropdown lists, and these are ok. I used the debugger and when validation failed and when i called getPhoneFormNewCaller(), this was null. Otherwise, if the validation goes well in the addTicket() i can get the values with getPhoneFormNewCaller(). As i told in the initial post, i can use getParameters() to get the submitted values and put them back again in the form, but that will be totally without elegance :) so, any other ideea ? thanks,

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Show your action code and your action mappings. –  Steven Benitez Sep 16 '11 at 22:29
Keep in mind that if you're using prepareXxx instead of a generic prepare method it may not be called on a validation error; you'll be going to input. –  Dave Newton Sep 17 '11 at 1:35
no other opinions on this subject ? –  Videanu Adrian Sep 26 '11 at 18:32

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