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I've struggled the past 2 hours with the new Websocket version. I've managed to get the handshake and receiving these new frames, but I'm having problems sending them now.

I'm encoding my text like this:

def encode_hybi(buf, opcode, base64=False):
    """ Encode a HyBi style WebSocket frame.
    Optional opcode:
    0x0 - continuation
    0x1 - text frame (base64 encode buf)
    0x2 - binary frame (use raw buf)
    0x8 - connection close
    0x9 - ping
    0xA - pong
    if base64:
        buf = b64encode(buf)

    b1 = 0x80 | (opcode & 0x0f) # FIN + opcode
    payload_len = len(buf)
    if payload_len <= 125:
        header = struct.pack('>BB', b1, payload_len)
    elif payload_len > 125 and payload_len < 65536:
        header = struct.pack('>BBH', b1, 126, payload_len)
    elif payload_len >= 65536:
        header = struct.pack('>BBQ', b1, 127, payload_len)

    #print("Encoded: %s" % repr(header + buf))

    #return header + buf, len(header), 0
    return header+buf

But I don't know in what form I have to pour it to send it over the socket.

By the way: isn't there some easy python websocket module somewhere? My code has now seen 3 websocket versions and it's an utter mess.

share|improve this question –  J.F. Sebastian Sep 17 '11 at 2:58
If you want to continue your code, you might have a look here… up to line 891 .. this constructs a WS frame in Autobahn. On the other hand, if you are OK with a Twisted-based WS implementation, why reinvent the wheel .. –  oberstet Sep 19 '11 at 19:10
@skerit, the code snippet you posted is copyright code (LGPL) from websockify so you need to at least cite where it came from (and if you have a project derived from websockify it also must be LGPL). Also, websockify works just fine with with the new protocol. The send_frames() method is used to actually send data over the socket. Are you not invoking the send_frames method? Can you be more specific about exactly what problem you are seeing? –  kanaka Sep 23 '11 at 16:59

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