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I am trying to make a soundboard app and i get this error

Undefined symbols for architecture i386:
      "_AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID", referenced from:
          -[S0undFXViewController sound1] in S0undFXViewController.o
          -[S0undFXViewController sound2] in S0undFXViewController.o
          -[S0undFXViewController sound3] in S0undFXViewController.o
          -[S0undFXViewController sound4] in S0undFXViewController.o
          -[S0undFXViewController sound5] in S0undFXViewController.o
          -[S0undFXViewController sound6] in S0undFXViewController.o

I DONT GET IT!!!!!!!

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A little more context would help us understand your situation. What are you trying to do? What is your code? What libraries are you using? –  Rhymoid Sep 16 '11 at 23:46

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That sort of error is usually caused by a missing framework.

Have you added the AudioServices framework to your project? It isn't enough to just import the header files.


Actually, if you turn on module support in Xcode, it is enough to just @import the Framework.

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