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I am using grep and I want to get the data after my string I specify. I want to get the string after what I specify. If I grep "label:" I get "label: blue label:red label: green". I want to get just the colors. If I say grep -o I get all the labels. If I say -l it says (standard output). Any idea?

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2 Answers

you can use sed to eliminate the word label e.g.

grep "label:" | sed s/label://g
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Grep is a tool that can only be used for filtering lines of text. To do anything more complex, you probably need a more complex tool.

For example, sed can be used here:

sed 's/.*label: \(.*\)/\1/'

Text like this...

label: blue
llabel: red
label: green label: yellow

Gets turned into this:


As you can see, this sed command only returns what comes after your search pattern, and multiple matches per lines aren't supported.

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