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I wrote a cache.manifest for my html5 page (index.php)

The content in cache manifest:


#version 1.0 09-16-2011


The static files are cached ok, but the host file index.php is cached too. If i remove the cache.manifest from index.php, it'll never be cached.

How can i exculde index.php from the cached files?

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It's not possible to exclude the linking page (at least for now... HTML5 is still a draft) from the cacheing process.

PS: it's also incorrect to speak about .manifest, while W3C introduced a new definition .appcache (

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The only way to exclude it is not to link to the manifest from it. Pages which reference a manifest file are always cached.

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If you don’t want to cache index.php add it to the NETWORK section of your manifest: resources in there are never cached and aren’t available off-line.

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As mentioned in the other answers, the page that links to the cache.manifest file will always be cached, even if it is included in the NETWORK section. – Guillaume Boudreau Aug 6 '12 at 13:29
Yes, I didn’t really expand the point in my answer (so it deserves the down-vote). This is an odd situation; I fail to see the point in going to the bother of using an app cache for a handful of assets and no actual pages. If it’s about performance, a sensible web caching strategy coupled with optimised images and CSS should be sufficient. – Ben Aug 13 '12 at 17:33

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