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Is there an easy way to apply the following logic to a string in Rails?

if string does NOT end with '.' then add '.'
if string does NOT begin with 'http://' then add 'http://'.

Of course, one might do something like:

string[0..6] == 'http://' ? nil : (string = 'http://' + string)

But it is a little clunky and it would miss the https:// alternative. Is there a nicer Rails way to do this?

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Regex's are key, but for a simple static string match, you could use helper functions which are faster. Also, you could use << instead of + which is also faster (though probably not a concern).

s << '.' unless s.end_with?('.')
s = 'http://' << s unless s.start_with('http://')

note, s will contain the correct value, but the return value is nil if the string was not changed. not that you would, but best not to include in a conditional.

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Something like

string = "#{string}." unless string.match(/\.$/)
string = "http://#{string}" unless string.match(/^https?:\/\//)

should work.

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These will work in 1.9:

s += '.' unless s[-1] == '.'
s  = 'http://' + s unless s[/^https?:\/\//]

The first one won't work in 1.8 though.

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