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I created bundle using i-phone-OS->resources->setting but I am unable to add images to this bundle. I tried dragging images folder or by adding existing to folder but nothing works.

Thanks in advance

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The Settings.bundle is added as a folder/bundle reference and not as a group.

Thus you won't be able to easily add some content to it right from the Groups & Files panel in Xcode unfortunately. Instead, go in the Finder, right-click (or ctrl-click) on this Settings.bundle and select "Show Package Contents" then drag & drop files in there. You will then find the added files back in Xcode.

I also find this kinda anoying in Xcode3 that we can't add files to '.bundle' folders/bundles directly from Xcode3 :( But AFAIK there is no other solution

One your file has been added to the '.bundle', you can edit them directly from Xcode. (Going thru the Finder is only necessary for adding new files to it)

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