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I have a fb app that has an html anchor tag which uses href =

it works fine.

but when the post shows up in the feed, it only has a 'comment' and a 'like' option beneath it.

however, I see some other posts in my feed that also have a 'reshare' option.

how do I get that?

thanks, Shannon

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I am having a similar problem; the user can post the photo to their own (or someone else's wall) but only the like and comment options appear with the post.

    FB.init({appId: "xxxxxxxxxxx", status: true, cookie: true});

    function fbShare(pic) {
         //call the API
         var obj = {
            method: 'feed',
            link: 'http://localhost/users/#/gingles/1680/',
            picture: '',
            name: 'gingle social transparancy',
            caption: __video.title,
            redirect_uri: '',
            description: 'Watch this video on',

        function callback(response) {

       FB.ui(obj, callback);

The option to post comes up just fine

But once posted, no share option exists (screenshots were filtered out by my newness to this site)

I have spend quite a while pouring through the facebook documentation but I can't see a solution.

To make this more fun, when using the URL method, I was getting a share option, but the photo would be lost. but after all my experiments with the FB.ui rolling back to the URL approach will not share.

    var fbUrl = '' +
        'link=http://' + encodeURIComponent( + '/users/#/' + __video.username + '/' + + '&picture=' + $(this).find('img').attr('src') +
        '&name=gingle%20|%20social%20transparency&' + 'caption=' + __video.title +  
        '&' +  

    $('#screenshot_social').html('<a href="' + fbUrl + '" target=_blank>Share on Facebook</a>');

Any direction or ideas would be most welcome.

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Technically this was another question, trying to build upon the original with more details. Apologies to anyone reading it hoping for the answer. – Brian Nov 27 '12 at 21:49
If it makes a difference, myapp is a non-canvas app. Meanwhile I did find a workaround, though it is clunky: make an action using my URL posting approach as the link. The redirect_uri makes this a bit messy, though. – Brian Nov 28 '12 at 19:44

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