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In Python CGI, is it possible pass "Python list" as hidden text input field ? How can I retrieve values using cgi form later ?

Thanks for help.

def testinput2(answer):
    #answer=['a','b','a','a','a']#according to abc1 statefile
        fin = file("2.map", "r")

        for line in fin.readlines():
        print "<br>Action Traversal\t", answer
    for id,val in enumerate(answer):
        if id < 1:

        print "<br><FORM ACTION=\"/cgi-bin/bul.py\" METHOD=\"POST\"><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"nxtans\" value=\"%s"%answer,"\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"nxtv\" value=\"\"><INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE=\"Next State Click\"></FORM><br><br>"
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No, HTML elements only support one value per an input element and know nothing of Python lists.

If you want to save a list of values in html, you should create list of hidden HTML inputs, each with the same name attribute.

You can later get the list of values with form.getvalue(key), where the key is the value of the name attribute.

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Thanks. I wanted to know if any trick possible :- – Pujan Srivastava Sep 17 '11 at 8:53

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