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I'm interested in showing my Facebook gallery using FQL and jQuery on my webpage. I found something on this here:

Here is the Facebook page that houses the photos:

However, I do not know how to generate an App ID and App Secret for this existing page (of which I am an admin).

Any thoughts on how to display the images from this pagebook page on my website (which is the official venue website).

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You can create an application and prompt your own account for offline_access extended permissions and use that token to get the details needed from your page. You can test this with the Facebook Graph Explorer and navigating to /KukuiCheltenham/photos. If you tell the Graph Explorer you want offline_access you could even use that token.

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For everyone's information, I believe that this approach is now depreciated since offline_access no longer exists in the same way. – jtromans Jul 24 '12 at 10:41

as far as I know, app ID and app secret are the identity for facebook application (either a canvas app or a fb connected website). You cannot get appID / secret for a facebook page.

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