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I can't connect to to GitHub repo from Tower (Mac OS X), getting permission denied error. I suppose this is caused by different certificate name (github_rsa not id_rsa). I added identity to ssh and from Terminal everything is working correctly. Any suggestions?

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You added the certificate that tower uses to github? –  Andy Sep 17 '11 at 13:08

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If you mention that everything work from the terminal, then you have the correct public/private keys, and you have published your public key on GitHub.

However, Tower won't always use, at first, ssh when connecting to GitHub, which means you also need to enter your GitHub login and token:
See Tower: Creating a repository on GitHub, and GitHub: Set your user name, email and GitHub token.

The configuration dialog box for Tower creating a repo on GitHub uses those credentials instead of ssh keys:

Tower: creating a new GitHub repo

After that, is will use an ssh connection for cloning.

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