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I have relation: Post hasMany SomeModel

Post has fields: id, title, text
SomeModel has fields: id, unique_name

I create form:

echo $form->create('Post');  
echo $form->input('title');  
echo $form->input('text');  
echo $form->end();

How to save relations with data like this:

$data['Post']['title'] = 'Lorem' // from form  
$data['Post']['text'] = 'Ipsum' // from form  
$data['SomeModel']['unique_name'] = 'generating_unique_name_in_SomeModel'`

I try add $this->data['SomeModel']['unique_name'] in beforeSave in SomeModel, but doesn't work in saveAll in PostController.

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Try this

$data['Post']['title'] = 'Lorem' // from form
$data['Post']['text'] = 'Ipsum' // from form
$data['SomeModel'][0]['unique_name'] = 'generating_unique_name_in_SomeModel'

What ever you've written will work fine for hasOne relationship. hasMany indicates many records so it should be in array notations.

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Ooo... thanks it's my oversight –  kicaj Sep 24 '11 at 12:49

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