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When I try to call a java program from my batch script like that:

java -jar %PATH_TO_BATIK%batik-rasterizer.jar -w 72 -h 72 -dpi 240 -d %2%\hdpi -m %MIME_TYPE% %1%

The command fails. When I echo the above command the following gets printed to the screen:

echo java -jar %PATH_TO_BATIK%batik-rasterizer.jar -w 72 -h 72 -dpi 240 -d testMIME_TYPE1

where %2% is test and %1% is book.svg.

How do I format the command so that it works?

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I assume you are using windows. In windows you can use %1 through %9 as batch parameters and these correspond to the arguments you pass in via the command line.

Notice they only use 1 percentage sign.

A value with a percentage sign at each end (e.g. %MIME_TYPE%) is an environmental variable and will either have to exist in the environment prior to the batch file being called or alternatively set inside the batch file itself.

@echo off
set PATH_TO_BATIK=./lib/
set MIME_TYPE=image/png
echo java -jar %PATH_TO_BATIK%batik-rasterizer.jar -w 72 -h 72 -dpi 240 -d %2\hdpi -m %MIME_TYPE% %1

If I call the above batch file like this:

go.bat foo bar

I get:

java -jar ./lib/batik-rasterizer.jar -w 72 -h 72 -dpi 240 -d bar\hdpi -m image/png foo

I hope this helps.

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